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Our Closed Loop approach to achieving 'zero waste'

At Closed Loop, we don’t see waste. We see unused resources. These resources are an asset with significant value that we can help you re-capture as cost savings. To achieve this, we have developed various solutions not only to help you recover resources, but to minimise their use as well. A full closed loop system can greatly improve your organisations financial and environmental performance.
Solution Design & Consulting


A Closed Loop program designs waste out of your organisation and replaces it with financial, reputational and environmental benefits.

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Closed Loop offers the mining sector one-stop waste management systems for regional application across Australia.

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Capture and process waste on-site to reduce waste transport costs and recover commodities.

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Overall Process

Find the most relevant starting point for your zero waste journey with Closed Loop.
We are the only packaging company with a take-back policy.

All Closed Loop’s packaging is made from 100 per cent recyclable material. It is sturdy, high quality and performs above expectation, for everything from off-the-shelf products to bespoke solutions.

  • Coffee Cups and Lids
  • PET Food Packaging
  • Cutlery
  • The Enviro Range
  • PET Cold Drink Cups and Lids

 Waste Audit

A waste audit provides quantified information about ‘waste’ material composition and location.

This is fundamental for identification and prioritisation, program design and program evaluation. Closed Loop conducts audits for organisations across diverse industries, from aviation to hospitality.

Reduce Your Waste Today 
Understanding how resource management fits into your sustainability strategy is critical to cutting costs without capital outlay and improving service delivery.
Optimise your resources 

 Organic Recycling

Closed Loop’s range of organic recycling solutions are fully contained, commercial on-site composting units that can reduce food waste volume by up to 90 per cent in 24 hours.

Each unit’s effective ventilation and deodorisation promotes decomposition without any unpleasant smells. All you have to do is add food and organic waste throughout the day and Closed Loop’s sophisticated system will do the rest.

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Educating staff and suppliers on the merits of
resource management is a great way to ensure
total commitment to new waste reduction
initiatives, reinforce new processes and unite
your team in a shared goal of sustainability.
Improve staff engagement 
Closed Loop Site Services provides cleaning and waste management solutions to the event and venue industries.

We work closely with each client to understand each venue, event and premises and undertake a detailed site inspection before and after every project.

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Closed Loop analyses all waste and material data to
to give our clients clear insights into waste composition,
weight, recyclables and costs in relation to
variable state-based landfill levies.

 This information provides managers with essential decision-making information.

Start improving your bottom line 
Closed Loop are experts at distilling complex waste reduction and material efficiency information into succinct and compelling messages that engage your business stakeholders. 
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