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Closed Loop Program

Closed Loop Programs involve the provision of products which can be taken back after use, recycled and re-manufactured into new end use products.

Our Approach

A tailored Closed Loop Program controls waste inputs to maximise recycling rates, minimise waste to landfill, and reduce overall waste disposal costs and environmental impact.

The typical outcome from a Closed Loop Program is improved efficiency, cost effective waste management, changeover of some packaging products to recyclable and biodegradable packaging and the establishment of organics units to compost all food waste.

A Closed Loop Program will also benefit from our range of resource efficiency solutions that generate value for our clients by tapping the ‘hidden’ benefits of general waste and recycling services.


Waste Audits

Quantifying and mapping waste material streams.

Resource Service Contract Tendering and Switchover

Professional Waste Management contract tendering and transfer.

Waste Resource Services Management

Managing everyday general waste and recycling services, monthly invoicing and reporting, and semi-annual service review and optimisation.

Supplier Innovation Program

Work with your key suppliers to minimise waste and improve material efficiency.

Zero Waste

Our comprehensive program to eliminate waste from your business operations.