Helping your business save money and reduce waste.

Mobile Materials Recovery

Capture and process waste on-site to reduce waste transport costs and recover commodities.

Our Solution

Closed Loop Turnstile is a fully portable waste separation unit which sorts waste and recyclables on-site.

In a nutshell - how does it work?

  • Housed in a 40ft shipping container
  • Ability to segregate up to seven waste streams simultaneously
  • Can process between 4-6 tonnes of waste per day
  • Staff positioned inside at a picking station to manually sort waste and ensure consistency, safety and accuracy
  • Operates a series of compactors and grinders which can be customised according to requirement e.g. glass crusher or food organics composter.

Resource materials are bailed onsite allowing them to be sent directly for reprocessing; reducing transportation costs, vehicle emissions and potentially on-site space requirements.

This unique technology can be positioned at any venue as a temporary solution or as part of a long term waste management program.


Closed Loop Turnstile is capable of:

  • Sorting co-mingled waste streams
  • Positive picking general waste streams

And can be used at:

  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Fixed site venues and stadiums
  • Remote locations where regional waste management and resource recovery is limited by access to full scale sorting facilities
  • High volume waste audits

Situations where Turnstile has worked effectively:

Reading Festival (UK)

Temporarily installed on-site to process waste from 95,000 attendees over a three day event period.

Sydney Festival

On-site for one month to process waste from the festival for one day per week.

Heathrow Airport

Installed on-site for over 12 months to be used as an integral tool in the analysis of over 100 tonnes of waste as part of a unique audit to help HAL (Heathrow Airport Limited) understand their waste outputs.


Employed in a one month waste audit for residential waste in regional NSW.

Australia day at Kings Domain, Melbourne

Turnstile used to showcase environmental and recycling capabilities for two successive years.

Splendour in the Grass

On-site to process waste from 22,000 crowd over a 3-day event period.